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Memorial Donations

Library books donated in memory of:

Gladys Terry

Elizabeth Dudley

Lois Newman

Ruth Gatlin

Bobbie Sheridan

Bobby Berryman 

Jerry Don Smith

Pat Chadd

Terry Watson

JC Sheridan

Joyce Ogden

Pat Wright

Jean Copeland

Lavelle Peteet

Jean Treadwell

Connie Younger Minatrea

Bethel Alice Hippler

Mary Sawyer

Jack Terry

Hunter Stephens

Kathleen Williams

Beulah Jo Murrell

Gaylon White

Allan Simmons

Grant Eberhart

Michael Echols

Vernon Jackson

Tony Jackson

Dee Cunningham

Carmen Lollar

Eric Knowlton

Robert Wheeler

Lila Frances Boyd Warden

Amber Standridge

Ronnie Nichols

Felecia Harper

Leland Crowley

J.D. Nelson 



To make a memorial donation, print and complete the form above and mail or bring it to the library with the donation amount.  The average price of a hardback book is $20.  You can request a certain title or bring in the book you have purchased.  Books are subject to HISD collection development policy and must be in hardback format.